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From time to time, there may be a delay in bus service due to weather conditions, mechanical problems, a medical issue, or traffic congestion.

In preparation for delayed or cancelled service, parents are encouraged to develop a back-up plan that may include making arrangements to carpool. Get to know the other parents on your route and have their phone numbers handy. Discuss back-up plans with your child/ren and review with them regularly throughout the year.

Willco Transportation: 403-242-1176 


If your child rides the bus, please sign up for our monitoring system. All the Southland buses have GPS units installed.  You will be able to see where your child’s bus is at any point during its scheduled route. The code for your campus is available on Edsby. Ensure you add the AM and PM routes if your child rides two-way. See the website for additional information and to register: http://www.mybusstop.ca/.

My Bus Stop Guide attached.

My Bus Stop Quick Start Guide 2020.pdf